Remote SF6 Density Monitor


Our Gas density monitors measure the density of SF6 gas (sulphur hexafluoride gas) via a temperature compensated system. They are equipped with high-performance micro switches that work without need of electrical energy supply.

In addition, data of real time pressure, temperature, density and humidity can be output through a predefined connection.

Data Output

Standard RS485 signal output; Customizable RS422, CAN, 4 ~ 20mA

Measurement principle

Gastight, mechanical gas sensor with temperature compensation mechanism, independent of temperature and altitude. These sensors enable accurate isochore switching.


Metal casings

Gas connection

A wide range of different flange connections is available. Customized connections can be made according to request.

Switchpoint setting

Factory-calibrated. The equipment can be supplied with a calibration certificate on request.

Up to four galvanically isolated micro switches can be put in controll to respond to preset alarmimg gas level.

Electrical connections

All gas density monitors are equipped with electrical connection with customizable terminal.

Temperature ranges (°C):

Operating temperatures: -55...80 (varies between models)

IP protection rating

Up to IP65 (varies between models)


  • One-way coupling
  • Weather hood; protection against rain
  • Customized accessories